I'll have to try this with my long-haired cat...except I gave her a lion cut for the summer and her fur needs to grow out!
Organic Palace Queen
http://cybergata.tumblr.com/post/81135845965 dna eye blue eye orange cat white could be deafness too
english bulldog puppies
I would like to add something like this to a future mudroom or living area. Both dogs like to have a cave to hide away.
Nadine Mann
I do love it when dog beds are built into the furniture and design of a room.
Baubles Dog
custom two-sides Heart Dog Tag - dog tag -Customized Pet ID Tag - Pet ID Tags - keep calm, call my mom, i'm lost, don't shop adopt#baubles_dog #etsyseller #dogsofinstagram#dogsitting #dogwalker #dogtags #crazydoglady#dogmomproblems #dogaccessories #dog #dogs #dogtag #collars #cute#dogs_of_instagram #petstagram #petsagram#photooftheday #dogsofinstagram#ilovemydog #instagramdogs #dogstagram#dogoftheday #lovedogs #lovepuppies#hound #collar #doglover #instapuppy#instadog
Julie Rhodes
The Dachshund, The Doxie, The Wiener. WE LOVE THEM. So should you. If you are already lucky enough to own one
Eleanor Robinson
The Dachshund, The Doxie, The Wiener. WE LOVE THEM. So should you. If you are already lucky enough to own one
Cristina Sans
"I had to send the kids away, the dog was allergic."
Hélène Faure
Benji and Missy | Glenys's dogs Benji and Missy. Glass, mill… | Flickr
Susan Marie
Wiley *video - 4/5 year old 21 lb male Schnoodle
Mary Sparrow Fine Art at Hanging the Moon
Working on a Maltese large 3ft by 3ft canvas Dog art pet portrait. www.marysparrow.com for commission.
Koichi Kubo
Started out just wanting to draw an Armadillo, wound up learning some stuff and turning it into some graphic design. I used to see these little guys around my old apartment complexes, early in the morning (around 5am) while walking my dog. My dachshund Frank hates these things! All done on an iPad Pro using just @procreateapp and Autodesk Graphic .#armadillo #infographic #didyouknow #biology #thesouth #texaswildlife #dasypusnovemcinctus #funfact #ninebandedarmadillo #gordeldier
Strawberry Salty Dog - add fresh strawberries for a spring twist to this classic cocktail.
Pia Olsson
◆ わんこ タワァー♪ ◆ : 羊ごとだったり・・・cute kawaii needle felted mini dog figures
Kristyn Jackson
Michael randomly picking Calum up
Cats & Kittens Breeds
We're huge Hunter S. Thompson fans here at theCHIVE and Dr. Gonzo is here!
Laura Geyer
Anatolian Shepherd. Looks just like my dog Daisy. :)
amy thomas
Kitty the cat was brought into Battersea Cats and Dogs Home by a kind-hearted member of the public who found her alone in a garden when she was just one day old
Courtney Walston
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Stephanie Flynn
Hey hey hey ..., schau' mir nicht so traurig nach. Ich bin bald wieder zu Hause, okay!? Sei schön lieb jaaa ....!
Cotone & Seta Westies
My feet are soooo comfy for Seta !! #ilovemywestie #ilovemydog #mywestie
Susan Hong Milosevich
Hugo is a fearless adventurer and escape artist! Can vault across furniture, climb anything, and is always looking for a getaway! But around anything that sounds like a vacuum cleaner he becomes a giant #notthevacuummonster #hewillswallowmeup #welovehugo #almostoneyearold In the run up to Hugo's 1st bday on Nov 12th we are celebrating him daily by sharing a fun fact with all our friends.
Laura Avila
“Brodie 7 months ago and him now!!!! #NationalPuppyDay”
Subsidy Shades
Completely and utterly SFW.
Helena Oliveira
Queres brincar?
Sara Falkenberg
Coach Potatoe....Looks like what my dog is dong now....! :)
A stunning white collar for large dogs adorned with a rich velvet and clear Swarovski Crystals that sparkle like diamonds! Fabulous for a wedding, special event or make every day special with this gorgeous big "bling" collar. #bigdogs #greyhounds